About Alexandra

Welcome to bodymindandsouldfood.org & thanks for stopping by! I´m Alexandra and here´s a bit about myself and why I created this page:

I was born in Germany in 1983.  After a very turbulent and unhealthy youth (without any goals but full of parties, alcohol&cigarettes) I finally decided at mid/end of my 20s – with the aid of countless spiritual „self-helpbooksthat life might not be as dark as it seemed to me until then.

From then on, my leisure time was devoted to all things health, fitness, nutrition and natural cures since I had been dealing with a rather bad health situation (chronic sinusitis, constantly recurring infects – both permanently “treated” with antibiotics – depressive moods and skin issues) over the past years myself.

After two devastating strokes of fate beginning and mid of 2013 my health completely collapsed by fall, I ended up in the emergency room and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease that – by mainstream medicine – is said to be chronic and incurable.

Just now that I had been working intensively on a healthy lifestyle, exercising (fitness, kickboxing, yoga), eating a healthy diet and finally been saying „yes“ to life over the past 1.5 years.

There was no way I was gonna accept „chronic and incurable“ and so I spent days and weeks investigating the net for the cause and natural cures of this disease. Overwhelmed by the information overload I tried all kinds of natural cures (and spent a whole lot of money on it) but would also take the prescribed conventional drugs. All of that would help sometimes more, sometimes less. Looking back, I believe I simply forgot eliminating or at least reducing the most important factor – STRESS. Being a perfectionist it´s pretty easy to cause stress on a subconscious level, it doesn´t even take a stressful job or other external influences…

And so it happened that I ended up in the emergency room again on April 14th, 2014, this time with chills and a fever of 107 F over the past 5 days (I thought it was just some flu virus…).

In good faith I would be released in a week latest I was looking forward to my already booked vacation in the Caribbean end of April.

I woke up 4 weeks later – they had put me in an artifical coma.

The medical report reads like an overblown hospital drama: sepsis, septic shock, toxic mega colon, pneumonia, cardiac and liver failure, 3 times cardiac arrest & reanimation, 30 blood transfusions, CMV Colitis / superinfection are only the roughest headlines.

There I was – caught up in a bizarre world in between coma nightmares / half awake, sliced up from top to bottom, drainages between my ribs to soak blood out my lung, artifically respirated over a tracheotomy, weighing about 80lbs (at a height of 5´8) and unable to move.

I remember my mum standing next to my bed, telling me I had almost died and they´ve had to remove my large bowel completely which means I now had an ileostomy. I´m glad I was so full of morphine and other stuff I didn´t even realize what that meant.

After those four weeks of coma I spent another 5 weeks in the hospital, slowly learning to sit and walk again. One step at a time – literally. Following I spent another 5 weeks on rehab, where I was able to gain about 22lbs – by the help of lots of cake and icecream ? And I learned to deal with that bag on my belly, which certainly was the hardest task.

The journey went on in March (2015) when I had another big surgery to create a so called J-Pouch (colon replacement) out of my small instestine. Then, in September 2015, the big day of ileostomy reversal. After 8 weeks of recovery things started to improve and today (May 2016) I´m feeling better than ever before – I´ve been back to work and the gym since November and just returned from a long distance travel to the Carribean (yes, that vacation I had booked already two years ago:)).

I´m about to finish my Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist studies and can´t wait to get started contributing to a healthier world 🙂

Everybody seems to know about the importance of balancing Body, Mind & Soul – but very little actually live a ilfestyle that realizes that phrase and I know how hard, but also how important it is, to do so.

This is why I created this page – I´m here to help you with finding motivation and inspiration in all things related to Body, Mind & Soul. Actually, I´m also here to help myself. A healthy, clean lifestyle is a never ending journey and I´m constantly learning myself.

I hope my story inspires you to never give up and believe in miracles. I now know that anything is possible, you just have to want it bad enough.

Feel free to contact me anytime – just drop me an email at alexandra@bodymindansoulfood.org – always happy to help 🙂

Take care & all the best,