Clean Eating Lifestyle – 11 Tips to get started

  • Avoid packaged and processed foods – start reading labels. Don´t eat things you can´t pronounce.
  • Eat 5-6 small meals a day and never skip breakfast.
  • Choose real foods – buy fresh, local & organic whenever possible.
  • Cut back on added sugars.
  • Avoid trans-fats & limit saturated fats.
  • Carbs are NOT your enemy but choose complex over empty ones. (e.g. whole wheat instead of white flour, sweet instead of regular potatoes)
  • Cook and eat at home – Plan ahead and prep your meals.
  • Stay hydrated – aim for 2-3 liters of water / herbal tea per day.
  • Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • Get enough sleep & relaxation.
  • MOVE. Even if it´s only 10 minutes – I promise you WILL feel BETTER 🙂Clean eating lifestyle
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