Clean Eating, Paleo, Superfoods, Organic, Raw Vegan – is there anything left to eat?

This question arises when following the media over the past couple of years.

An endless information flood likely drives one or two to completely swearing off the whole „healthy eating“ thing. Let´s take a closer look at why a Clean Eating Diet or better said a Clean Eating Lifestyle (we´ll talk about that a bit later) is so important and how to easily incorporate to your daily life.

These days, that we are more than ever before exposed to all kinds of harmful, environmental influences (think of GMO, pesticides, antibiotics, WiFi and cell phone radiation, „enriched“ tap water – just to name a few) and all kinds of stress (at work & during leisure time, lack of time, burnout) is on our daily agenda, our human body has to work to capacity on a daily basis in order to put up with all this.

(Hidden) Food allergies and intolerances, inflammatory bowel disease and all kinds of other disorders of the digestive tract have become quite a common thing and have been on the rise in our so called industrial nations over the past 20 or so years (source: ).

That is why it should be a priority to keep ourselves as healthy as we possibly can – getting started with a Clean Eating Lifestyle is the first step towards taking over some responsibility for our health.

You will often read about the Clean Eating „Diet“, but to me, it´s a lifestyle, not a diet. (Read  my 11 tips on how to get started here)

It´s not a trend either – balanced wholefood nutrition was just given a fancy name. Instead of googling „Clean Eating Grocery List“ you might just ask your grandma about what they used to eat when they were young 🙂

Living the Clean Eating Lifestyle is easier than you might think and its benefits clearly outweigh the efforts. I´m here to help you out with easy and delicious Clean Eating Recipes and motivation for the rainy days.

All the best – stay healthy & happy <3


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  1. You are so right on that we should not be going on diets, but adopting a lifestyle. Changing the way we eat should be permanent, not just for a short period of time for some kind of goal like you said. That had never made sense to me because it’s like someone getting injured and then taking it easy until it heals. And once it’s healed he goes and does all the things that injured him in the first place.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your comment – that´s a very good comparsion! All the best & stay healthy, Alexandra

  2. Hi Alexandra,

    I think the main problem these days is the hectic schedules. Everyone seems to be so busy, burned out or occupied with a lot of things to do that, we find it hard to spend time preparing for a good and healthy food. We then end up taking from fast food chains which obviously are unhealthy & basically taking our health for granted. It’s true though, as you’ve mentioned that, we should make ‘clean eating’ as part of our lifestyle. If we can spend hours with our phones or laptops, why not use it to prepare something nutritious & hearty? We are, after all spending with those unhealthy food, why not opt for a healthier one? I suppose there’s nothing more sensible than investing in for a good health rather than hospital bills.

    Thanks for sharing & stay healthy.


    1. Hey Rock, thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your enlightening opinion, I really appreciate it 🙂 You´re absolutely right, it´s never been harder to take proper care of ourselves than it is in these hectic, fast-paced days…which makes it even more important to TAKE the time for things like healthy nutrition, regular work outs and relaxation..It´s great to see that more and more people are becoming aware of this, yet there´s way to go and I´m happy if I can inspire one or two people out there to live that lifestyle.

      Thank you once more, stay happy & healthy, too,


  3. Hi Alexandra,

    I like your honesty and that you really engaged me. I felt the love that you have to help people and I think that you are the best.

    I have done your advice and adopted a style of eating instead of going on a harsh diet.

    You definetly helped me a lot Alexandra. Keep it up and building your website!

    1. Hi Emmanuel, thank you so much for your awesome feedback. It really means a lot me to know I could help! You made my night 🙂 Stay healthy & all the best

      xx Alexandra

  4. About 3 years ago I decided to take control of my severely overweight life and begin a lifestyle of healthy eating along with rigorous exercise. I was about 350 pounds and pretty sedentary, though i always had an athletic gene. I began kickboxing and a clean paleo centered lifestyle and it changed my life for the better. i lost 125 pounds (coming down to an athletic 225). I’ve never felt better. This is a decision all those who are overweight should make. No question

  5. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing. I think if we are more aware of what we eat and take out the bad foods that are not whole foods, then our lifestyles would be better. There wasn’t so much processed foods in the past. All the processed foods and additives that people are adding to foods that don’t need to be added to are the things that are causing us to not eat clean. People need to be informed what they eat now will have a huge impact on the later, so start now so they won’t be sorry later.

    1. Thank you Sofia, you´re absolutely right! I hope my blog helps with that by showing that clean eating isn´t as hard as people might think 🙂

      All the best to you & stay healthy,

      xx Alexandra

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